Monday, September 27, 2010


I recently created a couple of videos for Youtube on how to mod your WDTV. They have gotten a fair amount of attention so I decided to create a website to help folks out with their WDTV's as well as some of life's other tough tech problems :).

I went through a lot of headache setting my WDTV unit up with custom firmware and I wanted to help out others as much as possible. I hope you find everything helpful and wish you the best of luck as you mod this incredible device!


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  2. WHEN Installing Moviesheets apps. on WDTV GEN. 1 it sans usb for a very long time. should it do that? followed videos to the letter but no luck. please help!! thanks

  3. Seems a bit odd? Let me make sure I understand...

    You mean it takes a while to read your USB drives?

    Did you follow my first video on installing custom firmware? (I.E. you are using the firmware I supplied from that video)

    Is everything else working from the movie sheets tutorial? (i.e. new interface, movie thumbnails, movie sheets)

    Do you have the library turned on?... I need to make a note to turn that sucker off because it royally slows down your system. I recommend that people just keep their folders organized. I forgot to mention it because I stopped using it from day one. :)

  4. I made a new post about the media library... Hopefully turning it off will fix your problem. If not, feel free to keep posting and I will help you out as much as I can.