Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kick Out Wireless-G

It's time to give Wireless-G the boot! Wireless-N devices are pretty cheap these days and the speed is insanely fast by comparison... Like on the order of 5x faster. If you stream any kind of media, play games, or transfer files over your wireless network, this upgrade could really improve your quality of life!  :) NOW, there is ONE caveat if you are going to move things in this direction...

I was responding to a comment today on one of my WDTV tutorials and I felt it justified a post all it's own. If you are going to go Wireless-N you need to Kick-Out ALL wireless-G components or upgrade them to Wireless-N as well. That means: Laptops, Cellphones, Tablets, Media Players, TV's, Toys, Game Consoles and Neighbors who are stealing your internet because you were to lazy to figure out how to secure your network :)... The easiest way to upgrade most components is to buy low-cost Wireless-N Mini USB adapters. I bought an Airlink Wireless Golden-N USB Mini adapter for my wife's laptop. The thing is SO tiny it doesn't cause any problems whatsoever... and here's the kicker, you can get them in even SMALLER sizes now... like the Airlink Wireless-N Ultra-Mini, which I believe might be a bit slower than the Golden-N but the size is incredible! Tablets and Cell phones might be a bit more difficult to work out. In which case you COULD possibly buy and old Wireless-G router and hook it up as a separate hotspot/network for those older devices.

Even if only one device on your network is Wireless-G, your whole network will be throttled down to Wireless-G speeds, even if your router is Wireless-N. This also means that your WDTV, with its wireless-N adapter will be connecting at G speeds and high-def movie streaming won't work real well.

I hope this has saved you all some headache and frustration if you are having trouble figuring out why your supposedly wireless-N network is performing so poorly.



  1. first: thank you for your tutorials. because of them i take my wdtv from the closet and link it with my lcd. with a working network and a easy share from my main desktop. until now i've used a dell laptop to watch content over the network, but i like the easyness of wdtv.
    second: thank you again for this post because i was searching for N routers and network cards. but since i have a printer with g network card...i will stop.

  2. @ Valentin

    Well, if you wanted to what you COULD do is move everything over the wireless-N except for the printer...

    BUT - Keep your current Wireless-G router

    -Plug the Wireless-G router in your new Wireless-N router and set it up as a Wireless-G hotspot.

    Connect the printer to the Wireless-G hotspot

    Connect everything else to the new Wireless-N router and keep it configured for N-Only mode.

    Everything should work and work well. Getting it all to be shared and play nice together might be a bit more tricky but I am pretty sure it wouldn't be to hard? I don't have actual experience with this but I have a friend who explained it all to me :)

    Wireless-N is FANTASTIC :), if you make the move to N, it is well worth it.

    Thanks for all the kind words!