Thursday, October 6, 2011

What will Apple Look Like Going Forward?

First, I do want to express my condolences. Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators and creators of our time. His person and intellect will be dearly missed. He did a lot to help shape much of the technology that we all interact with on a daily basis. Who will our innovators be going forward?

And that really is the subject I especially want to consider in relation to Apple. I am not saying that the company has no talent apart from Jobs, but he was a visionary when it came to new applications of technology and Apple greatly benefited from his contribution. He was kicked out several years back and it had a negative impact on the company.

I am a Microsoft/Google guy but I recognize that the market needs innovative companies like Apple to continue to push the limits for what is possible. It is one thing to develop new tech, it is quite another to make it work so well and be intuitive enough that you attract a substantial user base across a fairly wide demographic. Jobs created a company that did this time and again. He was most often at the head though and one has to wonder about the fate of the ship after the loss of its captain.

I am also a strong free competitive market guy and I am confident that even though we have lost such a great mind, others will rise to the challenge (within Apple, or without) and fill the void. The future of consumer tech is still bright and I am looking forward to the discovery of our next generation of creative talent.


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