Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WDTV Wireless - Hit a Few Roadblocks

I ran into a few snags with my new Wireless-N adapter that I have since worked out but have slowed down my "time to press" for the networking tutorial. I want to make sure that everything is relatively stable before I give instructions on how to set it all up. That being said, I am already compiling a software pack which will be made available with the video.

As with my other two videos, I am going to make the process of adding wireless networking to your device as painless as possible for you. However, unlike my other videos, this one is going to require some extra "standard" equipment. It's unfortunate, I know. It wouldn't really be feasible for me to do a tutorial on how to use every single wireless USB adapter out there with your WDTV. There are simply to many variations and quirks when it comes to getting different devices to work properly. With that being said, I have chosen a solid, low cost, easy to configure, Wireless-N adapter (the D-link DWA-140) as the hardware of choice for this operation. If you haven't read it yet, check out my short post outlining why I picked this particular adapter.

Finally, if you are new to a lot of this and need to develop an understanding of general networking concepts, check out my Networking 101 Post; it will make the upcoming tutorial go much easier for you.

Hope all of this prep-work helps! Stick with me for the next week or two and I should have this new video released!


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