Monday, September 26, 2011

Androids are Invading... Is RIM Becoming a Casualty of War?

A report by Nielson came out recently that showed that Android adoption rates have been increasing among consumers. While, SURPRISE!, RIM (Blackberry) adoption has slowed and Apple is at a bit of a standstill at the moment. By sheer market share vs. the other two players, the Android invasion is in full force...


What does all this mean? Just my 2-cents as I am not an economist. But my guess is that if this trend continues you might start to see A. More Expensive Android Devices, B. Lower Priced iPhones perhaps? and C. RIM going the way of the dinosaur...

How do I feel about this? Well, before any Apple Fanboys jump on my case, I actually do like the company and have a healthy respect for its products. But yes, I am an Android user and I do prefer their stuff if only for the price. Honestly, I don't really care who is "on top" as long as we all still have a great selection of devices to choose from at reasonable rates.

Now, if history proves anything, as soon as Apple releases its new i-Device (iPhone 5?) in a few months the trend will quickly change as everyone jumps on the latest "apple-toy bandwagon." And yes, I do have a bit of derision there but I heartily admit that Apple makes a cool device. I just don't understand the sheeple who don't have enough know-how to appreciate the differences between an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4 who will run out and spend $XXX on a new device when what they have works really well... all I have to say is congrats to Apple on excellent marketing and fine product development to have such a following.... and no, I am not stereotyping everyone who upgrades from a iPhone 4 to a 5 as being a part of this group... but c'mon you gotta realize it probably defines the majority. Anyhow, I most certainly digress... my point was, that this current trend could easily be upset, at least for a time.

Alas, I do mourn RIM and their current situation. I think they also make a fine product. The Playbook is an excellent, if IMHO overpriced, device. I think they need to either jump on the Android bandwagon and start making said devices or, redefine their niche' because Corporate use is slowly being taken over by Apple and Android as both platforms have become significantly more secure over the last year or two. So I will ask you all this question... where can RIM go now besides the Corporate sector? Does anyone think they could make a comeback among Corporate users or are their days numbered? Could they make a comeback in the consumer market? I get the impression that the number of folks that prefer their trademark form-factor of phone are slowly being won over to touch screen devices. I know I myself now prefer a "touch" keyboard to a physical one.

Interestingly enough, I have read that the Playbook should be able to run Android apps before the close of October... Does anyone think this will significantly affect the market? Could RIM incorporate this into a new line of phones?




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