Sunday, September 25, 2011

What is This New Android Tablet?

So, I just got my weekly YouTube update and I subscribe to colonel zap. He makes some of the best YouTube android tablet preview videos out there for merimobiles and if you like following the android tablet market like I do, I heartily encourage you to subscribe to him as well! (And yes that was totally unprompted, his video tablet reviews just plain rock)

Anyhow, he just came out with a new video about a new tablet called the Zeontouch Pad 2 Game Killer. The device is your standard 7" 800x480 capacitive touch Chinese fare but it does have a few qualities that make it stand out from the bunch. The first being a rather massive 4200 (maybe it was 4500?) mAh battery that is claimed to be a very high quality 12-cell.

The next thing that is interesting is that the device claims to have a Cortex A9 heart beating at its center and some places even say it is a NEC built part. The EV2 is the only Cortex A9 part made by NEC that I am aware of as being available in tablets. So, is this device using our beloved (if a bit quirky) EV2 platform?

This brings up another intersting question. If it is using the EV2, why is it called the "Game Killer"?

The EV2 is a great processor to he sure, but in all honesty gaming is not one of its strong suits. I would be more happy to find out this is actually a new NEC designed chip, but I doubt that is the case.

At $260ish this tablet is a bit pricey, even with the larger battery, and that is before you throw in decent shipping. If it is indeed using the EV2 though and is paired with such a large baterry, it will definitely get phenomenal operating life (I would think a couple days of standby at least) . Or is it perhaps using the Amlogic A9 chipset or even better... something new all together?

Anyhow, just thought I would share my most recent curiosity with the crowd. :-)




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